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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Local man eats pet crocodile's eggs, video goes viral online


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    PETALING JAYA: A local man’s unconventional choice of meal has recently gained widespread attention on social media. In a Tik Tok video that went viral, the man and his wife can be seen preparing and consuming the eggs of their pet crocodile. This news was reported by Kosmo!.

    According to the man, they made the decision to eat the eggs after realizing that they could not provide proper care for the offspring. In the video, which has accumulated almost 700,000 views, the man explained that the crocodile eggs offer a distinctive taste and texture when compared to chicken eggs. He described them as being richer and chewier.

    The man further elaborated on his decision to consume the crocodile eggs in a series of subsequent videos. He mentioned that his living space is not suitable for raising baby crocs due to the presence of numerous other animals. While he had been eagerly awaiting his crocodile to lay eggs, he ultimately concluded that there was simply not enough room to accommodate more animals.

    Credit: The Star : News Feed

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