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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    Meta’s Threads is fun and friendly, but won’t land you a job – yet


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    Meta Networks Inc’s Threads app has quickly gained popularity in its initial days, attracting over 100 million users. Many users have praised the app for its positive and welcoming atmosphere, especially when compared to its competitor, Twitter Inc.

    However, it remains to be seen whether Threads will be useful for jobseekers and those looking to enhance their professional profile. Jennifer Davis, a marketing and strategy executive, who has previously worked at Inc and other tech companies and is currently seeking a new role, expressed uncertainty about the app’s purpose. “It’s brand new. There’s some ambiguity as to what it really is,” she said. Despite being an early adopter of Twitter and a regular LinkedIn user, Davis is skeptical about using Threads for job hunting. She believes that LinkedIn is better suited for establishing thought leadership and career growth in executive-level positions.

    Threads has generated significant attention since its launch on July 5, quickly becoming the top free app on Apple. According to Google Trends, online searches for Threads surged by 1,430% between July 5 and July 7. Additionally, Semrush, a digital marketing company, analyzed tweets containing the phrase “Join Threads” on Twitter and found that 85% of the sentiment was positive. Threads allows users to post content, including images and short videos.

    Lia Haberman, a media executive specializing in social media and influencer marketing, emphasized the importance of being part of the Threads community. She stated, “Now, with Threads, if everyone is congregating at this watercooler, even temporarily, you want to be in that mix, especially for those who have been laid off.” Haberman noted that it is a unique opportunity for individuals to adapt to the changing landscape and explore new possibilities.

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    For professionals focused on career development, Threads offers advantages and disadvantages. Since the platform has fewer users and less noise, it provides an opportunity for individuals to stand out to potential employers or leaders in their field. The platform’s inviting format might make employers more receptive to users’ posts and outreach. “There’s an air of possibility on Threads,” said Haberman.

    However, Threads has limitations. Although it allows users to import followers from Instagram, the list is often more personal than professional. The absence of hashtags and direct messaging also presents challenges when trying to find and communicate with like-minded groups. Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, has acknowledged the need for such enhancements in Threads.

    When it comes to professional networking and job opportunities, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn remains dominant. With over 930 million members and an abundance of career-focused content, LinkedIn continues to be the platform of choice for many professionals and companies. However, LinkedIn has not yet created a Threads account. The prospect of adding another app to one’s daily routine can be daunting for individuals already dealing with technology overload.

    Sho Dewan, the founder of career site Workhap, acknowledged the lack of a professional angle on Threads. However, he believes that this may change over time. Currently, the content on Threads is primarily focused on casual topics. Dewan stated, “In time there will be more professional conversations, but for now, the content is tailored for casual topics.”

    For professionals interested in exploring Threads or experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out), experts offer some advice. Creating a unique Threads profile separate from Instagram is recommended, especially for those looking to rebrand themselves. The bio should serve as an elevator pitch, highlighting an individual’s skills and strengths. Additionally, posts on Threads should differ from those on LinkedIn, considering the character limit of 500. Informational and entertaining posts tend to perform well, and it is beneficial to observe what resonates with users, particularly those with smaller followings. Identifying key contacts and connecting with them on other platforms is also suggested.

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    TikTok, owned by ByteDance, has also emerged as a platform where professionals share work-related content and experiences. It has shown that a platform without a clear career focus can resonate with professionals. However, each platform has its unique characteristics. Jess Wass, a career advisor, highlighted the need for a clear story on Threads and thoughtful communication to effectively convey one’s needs.

    Nevertheless, professionals should not limit their Threads persona to career advancement. Even on LinkedIn, there has been a shift towards more personal content as the pandemic blurred the boundaries between personal and professional lives. Users now share about mental health challenges, social justice concerns, and personal relationships.

    Used strategically, Threads can assist those in need of a career narrative change or professional rebranding. Diana Levy, a former Hollywood writer, plans to leverage Threads for her transition into politics and social activism. Her goals include running for office and reviving the local newspaper in her New Jersey township of Tewksbury. Levy believes that Threads provides an easier platform for storytelling using images. She commented, “Twitter is such a dumpster fire, it’s not worth going over there. I’ve always used Instagram as a storytelling space. Now with Threads, it’s so much easier to tell a story with images.” – Bloomberg

    Credit: The Star : Tech Feed

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