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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    9 Taiwanese Celebs Break Silence After TV Host Mickey Huang Exposed Their Scandals


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    Taiwanese TV host Mickey Huang (黃子佼) dropped a bombshell yesterday (19th June) when he exposed thirteen celebrity scandals. For those not in the know, this was done after he had admitted to having sexually harassed a 19-year-old several years ago.

    Of course, as the saying goes, one should strike when the iron is hot. As such, some of the thirteen artists have already released responses in an effort to control the damage before it gets worst. After all, silence in itself is an answer too.

    1. Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) & Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛)

    Sources: Weibo/大S/小S

    Released yesterday (19th June) via Barbie Hsu’s studio, the sisters’ statement reads as such:

    Barbie Hsu and Dee Hsu deeply regret Mickey Huang’s false drug-related allegations before he chose to self-harm because of his emotional instability, especially the drug-taking incident alleged by Mr. Mickey Huang. Next Magazine lost the case in 2004, and Dee Hsu’s innocence was restored. Furthermore, Koo Jun-yup (DJ Koo, 구준엽) sued South Korean media in 2009, publicly stated his stance against drugs at the press conference, and asked the media not to repeatedly accuse him of taking drugs just because he worked in a nightclub.

    Barbie has a bad heart and can’t touch or use drugs at all. (While remembering) the past years of friendship with Mr. Mickey Huang, who is currently in the hospital for emergency treatment, the company will reserve the right of legal prosecution for all false allegations and defend its own rights and interests by law.

    Mr. Mickey Huang, please take care of your health. (Your) child is still young and (your) wife is still young. There is still hope in life. Please put your family first and get well soon.

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    Source: Weibo/大S工作室

    2. Aya Liu (柳翰雅)

    Source: Weibo/阿雅

    Aya too released her statement yesterday, shortly after the expose but on her Weibo. Here’s what her official statement said:

    I, 柳翰雅 (Aya), have never used illegal drugs or drugs in any form, and strictly abide by laws and regulations. Regarding other people’s slander against me, I will take up legal action to protect my legitimate rights and interests.

    (I) hereby declare.

    Source: Weibo/阿雅

    3. Jacky Wu (吳宗憲)

    Source: ETtoday

    Jacky Wu responded via a video interview and shared his thoughts on the matter.

    I have been hurt, and we hope he is safe too, but the company’s SOP is the part that (is troubling) me. I am willing to accept criticism, but you (Mickey Huang) came to hurt me. (It’s not right for you to hurt me), don’t speak nonsense.

    Jacky added that the sudden accusations directed to him had confused him. “I’m actually worried about (Mickey),” he admitted. However, despite their amiable relationship, Jacky Wu has made it clear that he will be pressing charges against Mickey Huang.

    YouTube video

    4. Sam Tseng (曾國城)

    Source: Facebook/曾國城

    Sam Tseng left a response to the drinking and smoking allegation through his agent, saying:

    Drinking and smoking should be done in moderation, which I should pay attention to. Health is the most important thing to me right now.

    5. Janet Chia (贾永婕) & Alyssa Chia (贾静雯) 

    Sources: Facebook/賈永婕的跑跳人生/賈靜雯AlyssaChia

    Mickey Huang had referenced an artist with the surname Chia (贾) in his allegations, but he did not give out their full name. As such, this has led to netizens wondering if he could be referring to either Alyssa Chia or Janet Chia. Both have since left a response to the issue.

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    Alyssa has spoken through her agent with the statement: “We are not the party involved, and we hope those who have been traumatised will get more love and hope.” Janet’s statement was short and to the point. “(I’m) really not (involved),” she reportedly said.

    6. Matilda Tao (陶晶莹)

    Source: Weibo/陶晶莹

    Although Matilda Tao was not explicitly mentioned in Mickey Huang’s allegations, he did allude to someone with the surname Tao (陶) meddling in his affairs. As such, many suspected Matilda Tao of being the person in question. Matilda’s agent said, “Because Matilda was on vacation, I (only just) told her the news, and she replied: “I hope he can get through this well.”” The agent also added that they would not interfere at the moment at it was inconvenient.

    However, Matilda’s friend Moon Wang (王月) later came forward to clarify the situation. She claimed they had been speaking about the #MeToo movement in Taiwan when she brought up her contact with one of Chris Wang (宥勝)’s alleged victims. They had hoped to gather more information about the issue, and thought of reaching out to Mickey Huang as he supposedly had refused to stand on the same stage as Chris.

    Matilda had been the one to contact Mickey, but he had not replied then. However, it seems he had not been pleased with the questions. “That’s how Matilda Tao got involved in (the) Mickey Huang (issue). I was very astonished and felt sorry for Matilda. So, (here’s) my explanation,” Moon said. Matilda herself supposedly supported the explanation with the comment: “Just trying to help.

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    Source: Facebook/陶晶瑩

    7. Ariel Sha (夏宇童)

    Source: Facebook/夏宇童

    After being called out for supposedly slighting Mickey Huang’s feelings all those years ago, Ariel only had this to say:

    The company at the time had already issued a statement. And everyone has their own life (now). There is no need to discuss (the issue) further. Thank you very much for your concern.

    Source: Facebook/夏宇童

    Well, Chinese media has since reported that Mickey Huang’s condition is stable and many are urging him to get help. On our end, we do sincerely hope he gets the help he needs.

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