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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    Wife Summer Meng Shares Update On Mickey Huang’s Health; Hsie He-hsian Shows Support


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    In light of the #MeToo movement in Taiwan, many famous celebrities – one of them being ‘father figure’ Chris Wang (宥胜) – have been exposed to be sexual predators in the past. Taiwanese TV host Mickey Huang (黃子佼) was also accused of sexual assault and he even released 3 videos admitting and apologising for his past actions.

    After these videos went viral online, it was reported that Mickey was hospitalised from apparent self-harm. Even though his condition is stable at this moment, he is currently unable to address media enquiries due to his mental state.

    Source: Google Images

    However, his wife Summer Meng (孟耿如) managed to share some updates about her husband’s condition. She was in tears when she told the media, “There are still many situations that need to be clarified for what happened. He’s been trying his best to make a change, please give him the space and time for what has happened in the past. Thank you everyone for your concern. We’re a family, whatever happens, we’ll face it together and make up for all the mistakes we have done.”

    Even though netizens were disappointed at the TV host’s past action regarding sexual harassment, he has received quite the support from other celebrities. Taiwanese singer, Hsie He-hsian (谢和弦), wrote in a Facebook post, “Brother Huang, it’s okay. Please continue to live on, the world would become a new one if you decide to leave the acting circle. You promoted so many people to do so many good things. Although the good deeds can’t really make up for the mistakes, but we will never forget them. Amen.” 

    Sources: Facebook/謝和弦 R-chord (阿扣)/Lulu 黃路梓茵

    On the other hand, Mickey’s apprentice, Lulu (黄路梓茵), also spoke up for the first time about this news. On Facebook, she wrote a short and straightforward message. She talked about how she couldn’t say much about the veteran TV host about his past deeds since she didn’t knew him back then, but the Mickey she knows now is someone totally different.

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    “It’s true, you can’t make up for everything with good deeds. Although the mistakes from the past can’t be overlooked, one shouldn’t discount the good deeds he has done to rectify it. Many souls have been wounded in this chain of events. Those who were willing to speak up and apologise, you’re truly courageous. Thank you for your hard work, I hope that you’ll be able to find strength in this and go back to your peaceful lives.”

    Source: 天下雜誌

    Although we know how harsh everything is right now for both Mickey and his wife, Summer, we sincerely hope that they are able to get through it. As the saying goes, “There is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

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