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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Chinese Idol Cai Xukun Accused Of Getting Female Fling Pregnant & Asking Her To Abort The Baby


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    Just last week, Chinese artist Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) aka KUN’s highly decorated career came crashing to a halt. As it turns out, the venerated singer-songwriter had not escaped the latest #MeToo movement and someone recently took the opportunity to call him out on his wrongdoings.

    On 26th June, paparazzi claimed Cai Xukun had sex with someone and got them pregnant before requesting she abort the child. Unfortunately, the artist has yet to respond to the issue. And while it has left netizens wondering about his silence, those in the entertainment sector have already began alienating him.

    Source: Weibo/蔡徐坤

    When the news was first revealed, it had left many stunned and in shock. According to the paparazzi, Xukun had apparently refused to take responsibility for the consequences of a one-night stand. To make matters worse, his mother had allegedly gotten involved and intervened on his behalf.

    She had apparently attempted to placate the woman by compensating her. However, behind the scenes, she supposedly got private detectives to follow the woman in question, and installed a pinhole camera to watch her house. The matter was later reported to the police and Xukun and the woman allegedly resolved the issue with a letter of understanding. However, that was supposedly as far as Xukun’s public presence was felt.

    Sources: Instagram/@caixukun/Weibo/蔡徐坤

    Since then, the artist has been keeping mum about the issue. This has pushed netizens to ponder his silence, with some suspecting he is “reluctant to take up public (attention)“. Someone even released a list of significant holidays and festivals since 26th June, which included Jay Chou Day and Wallace Huo (霍建華)’s wedding anniversary, claiming this was why he was staying mum.

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    Unfortunately, the entertainment industry has no such qualms about ignoring his situation. Starting 2nd July, the 25-year-old’s works have supposedly already been removed from available websites and the like. Notably enough, filming of shows like “Keep Running (奔跑吧)”, which he hosts, have been delayed.

    Source: Xuan
    Source: Weibo/奔跑吧

    The swift action by those in the entertainment industry has caused a wave among netizens with many speculating if his career is over. Well, only time will tell what will become of Cai Xukun. In the meantime, we hope he’ll clear the air regarding the issue of his one-night stand soon.

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