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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    (Video) Coco Lee’s Sisters Share Final Moments Before Her Tragic Suicide


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    Hong Kong-born American singer Ferren Lee aka Coco Lee (李玟) touched many lives with her work as a performer and an artist. Unfortunately, it seems the world will never get to witness her performance again. Yesterday (Wednesday, 5th July), it was revealed that the highly respected singer had taken her own life.

    The 48-year-old singer had spent most of her life dedicated to music. However, it seems she had also faced a different battle amidst her work. As her sisters later explained, Coco Lee had been struggling with suicide. Regretfully, despite her best efforts, the Mandopop singer decided to leave the world bereft of her.

    Source: Instagram/@cocolee

    Coco’s sisters, Nancy and Carol, broke the news yesterday evening via their socials.. “With great sadness, we (need) to tell you (some) devastating news: Coco had been suffering from depression for a few years. Although, she sought professional help and did her best to fight depression, sadly that demon inside of her (got) the better of her,” they said.

    She committed suicide at home on 2nd July and was in a coma after being sent to the hospital. Although the hospital (staff) did their best to rescue and treat her, she passed away on 5th July,” Nancy and Carol shared. The news devastated many as Coco had just released the MV on her new song “戰歌” on 27th May. And according to her sisters, 2023 would have been her 30th anniversary.

    Nancy and Carol also took the time to acknowledge all their youngest sister had done, both for them and for the world around her. “In the past 29 years, Coco not only brought us endless joy and surprise with her singing, she also worked to (pave) the way for Chinese singers in the international music scene. (She) has done her best to shine brightly for the Chinese. We are so proud of her,” they added.

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    Source: Facebook/Nancy Lee 李思林
    Source: Facebook/Nancy Lee 李思林

    Coco Lee had not been silent in the days leading to her passing. She had previously shared on her socials that she had been facing difficulties in life, although she had not mentioned what they were exactly. Fans have also found and released what seems to be a voice recording from the singer, with many believing it to the last time she spoke to her fans.

    Dearest (ones), I am Coco,” her voice message said. “I feel everyone’s love and support for me. As long as you’re backing me, I will (continue) to keep going. I hope you are happy and healthy during this time. I miss you all very much. I am working hard and I miss you all. Love you thank you all for the gifts, (it’s) very beautiful.

    Fans and friends have since been mourning the loss of the singer, famous for her rendition of “Mulan”‘s “Reflection” the Mandarin version, her performance of “A Love Before Time” from the film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” during the 73rd Academy Awards. There has been an outpouring of messages wishing her peace, sharings of all the ways Coco Lee has touched their lives and how much they will miss her.

    Source: Instagram/@cocolee
    Source: Instagram/@josephuangting

    Coco’s sisters have also requested privacy and space from others to heal from the devastating loss. But, they have left fans with these parting words: “(We) hope you will not only miss Coco, but share her iconic bright smile, treat people sincerely, and convey love and kindness to everyone around you. Continue Coco’s wish (which was to) let everyone around her feel her love and happiness.

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    Our hearts and prayers go out to her family, friends and fans. We hope they will find peace in her passing. As for Coco Lee, while her loss has left us hurting, we do hope she finds the peace she needs in the afterlife.

    Here’s the video of her last message:

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