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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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    Comedian Shuib Is Sick Of People Accusing Him Of Involvement In Siti Sarah’s Death


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    Malaysian comedian Shahmira Muhammad, or famously known as Shuib, is putting on blast those who are accusing him of being a member of the Freemasons and that he was supposedly involved in the death of his first wife, singer Siti Sarah back in August 2021.

    The rumour started after a Facebook user uploaded a photo of Shuib and his newlywed wife Watie Hanifiah on social media. The latter can be seen covering one eye with her right hand and using the other hand to cover her husband’s left eye, comparing it to the Illuminati symbol of the “all-seeing eye”.

    Source: mStar

    As seen in screenshots shared on Instagram, another individual also alleged that Sarah was “asked” by Shuib to be put in a coma prior to her passing. Speaking in an interview with the press, the former Sepahtu member said that he initially refused to entertain those claims. However, he can no longer stay silent after the netizens brought up his late wife’s name in the conversation.

    “My kids had started to ask about their mother’s death (after the rumour was brought up). To me, that’s too much. I didn’t know how to respond to their question. They are naive, they will talk about things that they’ve heard and seen. I stayed silent when I was accused of being a Freemason member, but when they mentioned about my late Sarah, that’s when they crossed the line. They accused me of killing my own wife,” the Suria fm radio announcer told mStar.

    Source: Instagram

    Addressing the aforementioned photo of him and Watie, which has gone viral online, Shuib said, “It was my mistake. It was taken during our (pre-wedding) photoshoot, the photographer asked me to show off my wedding ring. I just spontaneously closed my eyes. I didn’t know about the symbol, because I’m not a member of the Freemason community.”

    Shuib appeared in a press conference today at Bubble Bee outlet in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras. He met up with one of the internet trolls who spread the malicious rumours, a local man known as Zulhairi Abu Othman. The latter has since apologised and made amends with Shuib.

    Meanwhile, the 38-year-old celeb also revealed that he will be taking legal action against Instagram user John Dihani for posting slanderous claims about him. “I know his name, address, as well as his contact number. But I’ll just leave it to my legal team, since he seems like a rude person,” Shuib shared.

    He added, “I have already asked my lawyer to send him a legal letter, which I believe he has received it. He reached out to me on Instagram last night, saying that he wanted to meet me. But I’m going to see him in court instead.”

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