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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    Take your photography to the next level with FlexCam on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4


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    Not only do foldable phones come with an eye-catching design, but they can also ‘stand up’ without a tripod and take pictures from a distance. As you know, that’s not something most smartphones can do.

    Several foldable smartphone models are already available in Malaysia. But the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 allows you to take photos with interesting angles, especially with its FlexCam feature. If you are still unaware of this feature, here’s how you can use it to take your photography and videography to the next level.


    Goodbye, tripods!


    Conventional smartphones often require you to hold them while taking pictures, or you’ll have to attach them to a tripod to take pictures from a distance. That’s because most smartphones cannot stand on their own, so someone has to hold the phone constantly.

    With the Galaxy Z Flip4, you no longer need a tripod or a photographer to hold the phone. All you have to do is fold this phone a little, then set it on any flat surface. You can also fold it to various angles, so you can adjust it if you need to place it on an inclined surface.


    Record videos camcorder-style


    Shooting video with a smartphone is not ergonomic due to its thin design and it is difficult to hold with one hand. With the Galaxy Z Flip4, you can fold this phone by 90°, then hold it horizontally. This method effectively turns the device into a mini camcorder.

    This function makes it easier to record longer videos, especially if you’re recording vlogs or making live broadcasts on social media.

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    Makes video calling easy


    With regular smartphones, you must hold them all the time or stand them against a wall to make a video call. It can be a little difficult to do that when you’re outdoors, especially if you can’t find something to lean the phone against.

    With the FlexCam feature in the Galaxy Z Flip4, you can place the phone on any surface, fold the phone in half, and then use the selfie camera on the home screen to join video calls easily and comfortably. Simple, right?


    Take selfies at a wider angle


    If you want to take group selfies with family or friends, you need a camera with a very wide angle of view. Selfie cameras in normal phones often only have a capture angle of around 100°, which isn’t enough for this purpose.

    For such situations, you can use the ultra-wide camera on the Galaxy Z Flip4 to ensure everyone can get into the picture. Just fold the phone in half with its ultra-wide camera facing you, and then you can use the external screen next to the lens to help you take a selfie. Again, this isn’t something that can be done on most regular smartphones.

    Speaking of the external screen, the recent trend for foldable flip phones is to have larger cover screens. Rumours suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 would be the same. With a larger cover screen, you could have an easier time previewing your selfies or accessing certain apps like TikTok or Spotify. Definitely something to look forward to.

    Anyway, visit the Samsung Malaysia website for more details about the Galaxy Z Flip4. Also, let us know on Facebook if you’re interested in the Galaxy Z Flip4, and stay tuned to TechNave for the latest tech news.

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