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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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    Did HK Actress Charlene Choi Go On A Staycation With Her Boyfriend?


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    Travelling and exploring the world with a best friend is a truly unforgettable experience. If you haven’t done that yet, you really should try it out at least once in your life.

    Recently, Hong Kong actress Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) posted a set of photos of her enjoying herself in a 5-star hotel in Hong Kong. In the caption, she said that she was spending time with her besties, however, the unintended mirror reflection in one of her photos suggested otherwise.

    Source: Instagram/@choisaaaa

    Not long ago, the actress took a long vacation and went travelling around the world. She visited Thailand first and then Switzerland, and even brought her divorced parents along on her trip. A couple of days ago, she returned to Hong Kong and had a staycation at one of the most reputable hotels in town – the Rosewood Hotel. Looks like she was truly enjoying her long vacation.

    On 26th June 2023, Charlene shared two photos taken during her staycation on Instagram. Wearing a bathrobe and a cheerful grin, the 40-year-old was seen laying in an empty bathtub. The photos also showed her face being slightly redder than it used to be. She captioned the photos, “I had an amazing time with my besties at Rosewood,” and added the hashtags #IAmNotDrunk #ReallyNotDrunk #ForReal #CantoneseSoySauceFriedNoodle #BakedPorkChopRice towards the end.

    However, fans noticed something peculiar about the post. Upon closer inspection, a figure of someone can be seen reflected through a tiny crack in the mirror. This figure was wearing a white shirt and appeared to have broad shoulders and thick arms. It was highly probable for the figure to be a man. This suggested that she may have gone on this staycation with her boyfriend, Anthony Shi (石恒聪), instead.

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    Source: Instagram/@choisaaaa

    The beauty has yet to clarify who the person in the mirror was. Until then, whether she was spending her time with her ‘besties’ (like she said she was) or her boyfriend, we are happy for her as long as she is having a wonderful time during her vacation.

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