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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    Did Local Pianist Cathryn Lee Accidentally Expose Her RM40 Million Bank Balance?


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    Public figures have to be really careful with the information they put out online. As they are constantly in the eye of the public, any private information can be used against them. What’s more, everything a public figure posts online will be seen by many, so they are advised to think thrice before posting anything.

    Recently, local pianist and public figure, Cathryn Lee (李元玲), was pissed about her money being deducted for no reason, so she took a screenshot of it and shared it online. However, she forgot to hide one tiny detail; her bank balance which then became a hot topic of discussion.

    Source: Facebook/李元玲 Cathryn Lee

    As there was an increase in the news online about Facebook Ads scams, Cathryn decided to check her own bank account to make sure. She discovered she was also a victim of this after seeing that RM27.99 was deducted from her bank for no reason. The local talent then took a screenshot of her bank transactions and shared it on her Instagram story.

    She wrote, “I only knew about this after reading the news, turns out FB has been deducting my money for no reason!” In the heat of the moment, however, the musician didn’t realise that she did not hide her bank account balance and accidentally exposed it to the public. From her story, her balance was seen to have 8 figures, reaching a huge amount of around RM40 million.

    Source: Oriental Daily

    Although the pianist deleted the screenshot from her Instagram stories shortly after, the post has already widely circulated online. It started a lot of heated discussions among netizens, with them being envious and curious about the number of years needed for Cathryn to save up that amount of money.

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    Given how talented the Malaysian pianist is and the number of followers she has on Instagram, one would think that this account balance seems fitting enough, right?

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