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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Indonesian Singer Yura Yunita & K-pop Idol Lee Mijoo Draw Flak For Showing Their Armpits


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    Two female celebs Yura Yunita and Lee Mijoo (이미주) are currently trending for similar reasons – namely their sexy posts on their respective social media.

    The Indonesian singer-songwriter posted a video of her “Pertunjukan Tutur Batin” dance practice on her Instagram. As seen in the clip, Yura wore a white sleeveless top and a pair of black tracksuit pants.

    However, Yura’s post was met with mixed remarks from netizens. Worse, some even went as far as to poke fun at her dark underarms! The Bandung-born superstar has since come forth to deal with the nasty comments online head on. Speaking in an interview recently, Yura revealed that she felt saddened when people mocked her appearance.

    “To be honest, I felt sad and disheartened. I posted a video of me rehearsing my dance routine. When I raised my arms, they commented that my armpits are not smooth. So, do you have any problems if they’re not smooth? I’ve chosen to embrace it, and what’s more important is how we take care of them. I’m not perfect, but this is a process for me to be the best version of myself,” she told (as per Gempak).

    Meanwhile, former Lovelyz member Mijoo posted some snapshots of herself rocking a matching denim top-and-bottom set. Her denim tube top, in particular, caught the eye of many fans. The corset-style piece sat prettily on her body, showcasing her slender shoulders and sexy collarbone and armpits. However, the top’s skewed design made it look like the top was slipping off her body, giving fans a near heart attack!

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    Many fans took to the comments to express their concerns about the outfit worn by the idol. “Sis, please cover up. Your outfit is too provocative,” one commenter wrote. There also some who joked on how Yoo Jae Seok would react upon seeing Mijoo’s post on IG. To quote one netizen, “Someone please call Jae Seok ‘hyung’ so he can nag at her.” For those in the dark, the two entertainers are known among fans for their father-daughter chemistry on the screen.

    On the other hand, a few also pointed out that Mijoo perfectly pulled off the bold look.

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