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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Interview: Woo Do-Hwan Gained 10kg Playing Gun-woo In “Bloodhounds”


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    When good and evil go head-to-head, expect a showdown! The Netflix Kdrama “Bloodhounds” dives into the friendship between up-and-coming boxer Gun-woo (Woo Do-hwan) and fellow competitor Woo-jin (Lee Sang-yi) after they get acquainted in the grueling Marine Corps.

    Things take a turn for the worst when Gun-woo’s mother falls victim to scheming loan sharks from Smile Capital. In attempt to take down Smile Capital’s cruel head honcho, Kim Myeong-gil (Park Sung-woong), and his ruthless runners, Gun-woo and Woo-jin put themselves into the fight ring – proving that they’d do anything to protect the ones they love. In this interview, actor Woo Do-Hwan (우도환) talks about what drew him to his character Kim Gun-woo (김건우), how he stayed in shape, and chemistry among his cast members.


    Q. Please tell us about your character in “Bloodhounds”.

    Woo Do-hwan: The character I am playing, Kim Gun-woo is a promising boxing player who lived diligently all his life. Moreover, he is a young breadwinner in a family of two that only consists of himself and his mother. He is a kind and warm-hearted person who is always bright, calm and not emotionally stirred.

    Q. How did you feel when you first read the script of “Bloodhounds” and what was the biggest appeal of the piece that made you decide to star in this piece?

    Woo Do-hwan: I was most interested in the part that the series is related to boxing action when I first read the script of “Bloodhounds”. I was also attracted to Gun-woo because he is a person with characteristics that I never played before in my acting career.

    Q. Did you read the original webtoon before and after filming the series? What was the appeal that embodies both the webtoon and the series, and what would be a differentiating point (strength) that is unique to the series?

    Woo Do-hwan: I remember seeing the original work simply as a fan of webtoon before the series was planned. At the time, I really enjoyed reading the original webtoon. The drama series, “Bloodhounds”, is a piece that is with a different charm, almost to the extent that the viewers can think of it as a completely different piece. I think viewers who previously enjoyed reading the original webtoon can watch the series while thinking about how the series differs from the original work, and I hope that the viewers who have not yet read the original webtoon will be able to enjoy the dynamic action that can only be seen in “Bloodhounds”.


    Q. What was the most significant point in building your character and what was the appeal of your character?

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    Woo Do-hwan: I pondered a lot to show a different appeal that I had not shown before, and one attribute that I built while thinking of Gun-woo was a slightly awkward way of talking. I think I tried to create a way of talking that is slightly awkward but kind without any hint of malice. I think the viewers will be charmed by Gun-woo who is sometimes foolishly kind.

    Q. What sort of visual efforts did you put in to express the nature of the character in terms of costumes, hairstyles and props? Could you describe any discussions you had with the director and the crew about this?

    Woo Do-hwan: I tried to apply costumes and hairstyles that were not excessive. I think I tried to focus on wearing casual and comfortable clothes with a thought that Gun-woo will probably wear red shorts that he used to wear in the Marine Corps because he served in the Marine Corps along with T-shirts that are not at all fashionable.

    Q. This piece is set during the era of Covid-19 pandemic. What was your impression about portraying a realistic world that is so close to the current circumstances? Were there any difficulties acting with the facial mask on? Because it must have been an unfamiliar experience.

    Woo Do-hwan: The protagonists also face all of the hardships experienced by many people during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially the financial difficulties. However, the story unfolds when the antagonists that try to take advantage of such difficult situations emerge. I think my heart ached even more because I was acting while genuinely reflecting reality. There was a scene where we were filming with our masks on as always, and it was more difficult when we were filming action scenes that included running with the masks on as compared to other scenes because we were more out of breath than typical circumstances.


    Q. How was it like to work with Director Jason Kim? How was Director Jason Kim’s directorial skills and on-set leadership like? 

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    Woo Do-hwan: Director Kim always checked the condition of each and every cast member whenever we were filming and he also took great care in keeping the set safe since the series has many action scenes. I think we were able to create such a remarkable work thanks to the efforts of Director Kim who thought thoroughly about the scenes to portray the best scenes and never gave up.

    Q. Could you share with us any memorable episodes on the set or behind-the-scenes moments?

    Woo Do-hwan: I packed my meals every day to stay in shape. I strived hard to stay in shape while eating only the meals that I packed for myself all day.

    Q. Who would you like to recommend “Bloodhounds” to? Would you be able to leave a message to the prospective viewers?

    Woo Do-hwan: I am confident that it will be the perfect drama series for viewers who like action scenes. We ask viewers to look forward to the powerful action scenes along with the excellent chemistry among the cast.


    Q. What efforts did you put in to shape the body of a boxing player? Could you also share with us the action training that you went through?

    Woo Do-hwan: I packed and brought along the meals that I made to the set and I tried to eat four meals a day. I think I exercised really hard before and after filming the scenes. So, I gained about 10kg. I think the viewers will be able to see the changes in my body throughout the series.

    Q. Actions mostly consist of powerful scenes consisting of boxing. What did you focus on when you were filming the action scenes?

    Woo Do-hwan: In the beginning, Gun-woo defeats his opponents only through boxing skills, but later on, Gun-woo not only uses the boxing skills but also combines his street fighting skills with his boxing ability. Against this backdrop, action scenes changed as Gun-woo matured.

    Q. In the latter part of the series, Woo-jin and Gun-woo take a new turn and start to prepare for revenge in earnest. Which parts did you focus on internally and externally to express such psychological changes?

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    Woo Do-hwan: First, I got a haircut and shaped my body to be more muscular than the beginning. I made efforts to transform Gun-woo so the slightly awkward and silly vibe that he gave at the beginning could be shed to turn Gun-woo into a more masculine person with stronger leadership.

    Q. At times, Gun-woo is so brave that he almost seems reckless, and he is so kind that he seems foolish. Could you share with us how you interpreted Gun-woo to be able to maintain such a kind and healthy mindset in such a harsh reality and what were your thoughts on the values pursued by Gun-woo?

    Woo Do-hwan: I think I always kept reminding myself of this wording on the set. ‘A good heart breeds a good mind.’ Gun-woo is a person with such a pure soul that I also tried to be kind with a clean mindset at all times.


    Q. What did you think Woo-jin was to Gun-woo when you acted? What efforts did you make to create a special chemistry with Actor Lee Sang-yi?

    Woo Do-hwan: Woo-jin is like a family to Gun-woo. I always thought that he is a person to protect and the only person that Gun-woo can depend on when I was acting. Sang-yi is such a good person that we could get close very quickly on the set, and we are closer than ever now.

    Q. How was the chemistry with Actor Lee Sang-yi?

    Woo Do-hwan: We are closer than real siblings. I can really count on him.

    Q. How was it like to work with senior actors such as Park Sung-woong, Huh Joon-ho, Lee Hae-yeong, Ryu Soo-young, Park Hoon and Choi Si-won?

    Woo Do-hwan: Needless to say, it was remarkable. I learned immensely just while watching the senior actors perform.

    Q. You had your first starring role in “The Divine Fury” directed by Jason Kim and you made a special appearance in “My Heart Puppy”. You worked together in 3 pieces including “Bloodhounds”. What does Director Jason Kim mean to Woo Do-hwan?

    Woo Do-hwan: Director Kim is like a brother at times and like a friend at other times. He is a person I really care for and am grateful for. Director Kim allowed me to take on many new challenges.

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