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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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    (Video) Spider Was Seen Building Its Home On Fan’s Hair During Angela Chang’s Concert


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    Given how expensive concert tickets are nowadays, musicians from around the world do their best to make sure their concerts are worth the price for their fans. From beautiful costumes to magnificent stage designs, you can always expect the best from your favourite artists during concerts. After all, concert-goers would hope to get their money’s worth.

    Recently, Taiwanese singer Angela Chang (张韶涵) held a concert in Suzho, China. During the concert, a fan of hers came across an interesting episode and shared it with netizens online, leaving them stunned. A spider was seen weaving its webs on top of a fan’s head while the concert was ongoing.

    Source: Weibo/@简直笑哭了

    In the video posted, you could hear Angela talking in the background, asking the crowd whether they wanted more songs. Her fans answered enthusiastically by screaming for more. While this conversation was happening, a spider was caught building its home on a fan’s hair. The webs were visible under the lights.

    When netizens came across the video, they were dumbfounded with what they were seeing. They took to the comments section under the post to jokingly poking fun of the situation and some also expressed their fear towards spiders.

    • “After the concert ends, he’ll find a silk hat on his head. 🤣”
    • “Is he keeping a spider as pet on his head?”
    • “The spider’s like ‘I need to quickly build my home, if I was any slower, the concert will end.’ This spider is pretty speedy, it almost weaved his web across the whole head after one single song.”
    • “How long has it been since he last washed his hair? 😨”
    • “That’s actually really scary. Help.”
    • “Will he turn into Spider-Man once the concert ends?”
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