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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    “Malaysian Indian Can Buy Expensive Car?”: YouTuber Vikar Hurt By Netizen’s Racist Comment


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    We tend to celebrate with people when something good happens, but there’s always going to be a Karen who spoils the party. YouTuber Vikar (real name: Vikneswaran Veerasundar) recently had a great moment in his life marred by this careless comment!

    The “Pulau” actor recently shared his latest purchase, the Mazda CX-30 on his socials. Understandably, he was excited and fans were excited for him too! Unfortunately, someone decided to rain on his parade with a rude and racist comment. Needless to say, it left fans very upset.

    Source: Instagram/@vikarworld

    Vikar uploaded a Vlog of himself getting his car earlier this month on YouTube. The content creator shared during his video that he had been overjoyed to finally obtain his car after ordering it in January, with a lot of complications. “But let’s not get there,” he ironically said. “Today is a good day, we only want to focus on good things.

    However, it seems not everyone agreed. On 12th June, a netizen left a comment that sparked plenty of outrage. “Nice car,” they complimented.  “But how come a Malaysian Indian (can) buy such an expensive car? Normally it is the Chinese who have expensive cars.

    The netizen, claiming they were a Malay Muslim, went on to congratulate Vikar on his new car, but added: “By the way there are a lot of Bumiputera Malays who don’t have a car, even (though) they belong our motherland. So it is time for politicians to address issues of poor Malays in Malaysia.

    Source: YouTube/VikarVlogs

    Netizens were quick to lash out at the careless comment. “What kind of stupid and unnecessary comment is this?” one exclaimed while another frustratedly said: “The fact (that) you would turn this into a race thing is just—” A netizen even opined that the comment was “too ridiculous” and was “instigating” on purpose.

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    Others reprimanded them for bringing religion and race into the matter. “(This is a) comment that only brings shame to Islam, stop being so judgy and making it about race. Islam doesn’t teach that,” one said. Another succinctly stated: “Amazing how racism and butthurt-ism is wrapped up nicely in a seemingly superficial congratulatory message.” Several also pointed out that Vikar had worked hard for his own car, and deserved it.

    Source: YouTube/VikarVlogs
    Source: Instagram/@vikarworld

    Vikar himself later addressed the issue via his socials. He initially joked that he was “hurt” that a racist comment had been what got him into the news. He also explained to netizens why he wasn’t keen on ignoring the matter. “The more we ignore (them), the more they will say (such things),” he stated.

    Well, it’s certainly true that we should call out unwanted behaviour to reprimand them. After all, how else will they learn? Hopefully, this netizen understands why their comment was unwarranted. In the meantime, we too would like congratulate Vikar on his car and hope he’s having fun flexing it!

    Checkout Vikar’s Vlog here:

    YouTube video

    Here’s Vikar’s thoughts on the issue:

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