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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    “This Is My Final Warning”: Sharifah Sakinah Warns Cyberbullies To Leave Her Daughter Alone


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    Nothing is stronger (and possibly more dangerous) than a mother’s love for her children. A parent will do just anything to protect their child and that’s exactly what actress Sharifah Sakinah is doing.

    Yesterday (Thursday, 15th June), the mother-of-one posted a statement on her Instagram after her daughter was subjected to hate comments by netizens. Here’s what happened:


    The Malaysian actress wrote that she wanted to address a recent incident that went viral involving her 6-year-old daughter Anais and one of her sisters. While she did not specify the incident, it can be assumed that it was when her sister Sharifah Shahirah posted a video that showed Neelofa’s sister Noor Nabila cleaning her sofa after Sharifah’s daughter accidentally peed on it in her sleep.

    The women in the video can be heard laughing about the incident while “promoting” the vacuum used to clean up the mess. Despite this being a normal daily task for mothers, netizens, however, decided to criticise the child. Obviously, as a mother, the public figure isn’t going to take this quietly. “It’s fine if you guys want to talk bad or assumed the worst bout me, but not towards a child,” she wrote.

    She added that her daughter’s well-being and as well as upholding the family reputation have always been her top priorities. “It is disheartening to witness bullying directed towards a 6 yr old. Consider this my final warning before I resort to legal measures to protect my loved ones,” said the celebrity mother.


    Shortly after posting her statement, fans have all shown support for Sharifah Sakinah for protecting her daughter from all the criticisms she received on the internet. Many sympathised with the actress saying that it is unfortunate that her daughter had to go through unnecessary hate.

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    While children can be naughty and misbehave, it still doesn’t warrant anyone, especially grown adults to hurl abuse at them. Let’s all practice to be a little more compassionate to one another.

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