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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Shila Amzah On How Younger BF Ubai Got Her Mom To Approve Their Relationship


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    This past weekend, social media was abuzz over the news of Shila Amzah’s engagement to her younger partner Ubai. The duo’s relationship has garnered some buzz online due to their age gap. Many were initially taken aback when they found out that Shila is eight years older than her fiancé!

    Last night (Tuesday, 30th May), the pop star held a Q&A session on her Instagram where her fans had the opportunity to submit their burning questions. She was asked by one of her followers how she managed to convince her mother to approve of their relationship.

    The individual asked, “How did you convince your mom to accept Ubai? My boyfriend is younger than me, and my mom is against our relationship.” Shila responded, “Slowly convince her. Your BF has to cleverly play his part in winning her over. I think you need to assure her that age doesn’t matter (in relationships).”

    The “Memori Tercipta” songstress went on to reveal, “Many of my ex-boyfriends were rejected by my mother before. But now, she’s okay with me being with Ubai. Because at the end of the day, we get to choose our own happiness and we are also responsible for our decisions.”

    Additionally, Shila also shared the reason why she decided to proceed with her engagement. According to the 33-year-old star, “I want to experience this together with Ubai. From being friends and progressing to romance, everything that we went through together has been different from my previous relationships. Just ignore what others say, we have to seek our own happiness.”

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