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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    (Video) Kak KM Admits To Stirring Booty Shaking Controversy To Gain Publicity?


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    Liana Rosli, famously known as Kak KM, seems to thrive on controversy. Just recently, the entrepreneur came under fire over her suggestive booty-shaking dance at the Star Vendors Foodstival in Melaka. Her provocative performance was heavily panned by netizens (and even politicians) online.

    While the celeb has yet to address the backlash about her performance, Kak KM recently appeared in an interview with Nona alongside her mom, actress Normah Damanhuri, where she addressed people’s negative opinions regarding her public image. In this case, Kak KM stated that she’s already immune to all the criticisms targeted towards her.

    Source: Instagram

    “In this industry, we are already prone to get criticised. There are times when we have to deliberately stir controversy in order to gain publicity. Even bad publicity is still publicity (since it’s free). Else how would people know us?” she was quoted as saying. Her famous mom then chimed in, “I raised all my kids by myself, so I’m aware of what they’re doing. I’d just let people say what they want since we can’t do anything about it,” to which Kak KM quipped, “They don’t even live in the same house as us anyway.” 

    During the chat, the mother-of-four also shared her experience growing up in a single-parent household. Kak KM revealed that she and her siblings had never encountered any setbacks or difficulties in the past. That said, she admitted that it’s not easy seeing her mom raise her and her siblings alone and would like to repay her good deeds.

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    That said, many netizens continue to react negatively to Kak KM’s bold statement in the interview. Here’s what they said:

    • “She should be worried, but instead, she feels proud (for stirring controversies). Hopefully, God will guide her to the right path.” 
    • “It’s strange. She’s the one who purposely sparked criticism, and then she went on to complain about how she’s the victim in this case.”
    • “She gets more popular by shaking her booty. Low class.”
    • “Most creators come up with controversial content to increase their views. They’re aware that it doesn’t make sense, but they still proceed to do so.” 
    Source: Facebook

    Watch the heartfelt interview session here:

    YouTube video

    For those who are curious, the “Diari Ramadan Rafique” actress has five children, including Kak KM and model, Ahya Rosli.

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