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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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    Taiwanese Artist Dee Hsu Once “Drugged” Her Dance Instructor & Had X-rated Party?


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    We often talk about letting the past remain in the past. But, no matter how hard you try, some things simply won’t remain there. Taiwanese artist Dee Hsu (徐熙娣)’s past certainly isn’t!

    Dee Hsu was recently implicated of drug use by Taiwanese TV host Mickey Huang (黃子佼) after he namedropped her and several other artists during his own scandal involving sexual allegations. Dee has responded to the allegation, but it seems netizens are unwilling to let her off as they are now digging up more of her skeletons.

    Source: Facebook/小S 徐熙娣

    Shortly after Mickey Huang’s allegation videos went viral, a video of Dee Hsu interacting with her alleged dance teacher also hit the internet. The video showed her talking to her alleged dance instructor who was lying against the wall, apparently struggling to stand.

    Dee could be heard ordering the instructor to “stand up” and at one point saying something about adding a tranquilizer to the teacher’s water, reportedly stating: “because you were a little irritable just now“. Dee was also seen grabbing their legs as they tried to crawl away, leading to the teacher shouting for help. She also told the teacher, “if you’re no good, go kill yourself“.

    The video has left many netizens uncomfortable and worried. However, a few netizens have defended the video, claiming it was a joke between Dee and her dance instructor. Her teacher had supposedly simply been too tired to continue teaching Dee. Several also pointed out that Dee had been the one to upload the video, which apparently lent credence to the joke theory.

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    Source: Weibo

    However, another incident painting Dee in bad light was brought up too. Apparently, Dee had once held a risqué party with Aya Liu (柳翰雅), Mavis Fan (范晓萱) and Jennifer Chen (陈纯甄). Chinese news portal Mirror Media (镜周刊) later published photos from the party showing the group being intimate with guys.

    To protect her reputation, Dee apparently took Mirror Media to court. She insisted she had not taken drugs and sued the magazine for “violating her privacy”. Dee did win the lawsuit and 5 million Taiwan dollars as compensation.

    But netizens were quick to point out that despite her win, she had not denied the actions at the party. “The complaint was about illegal invasion of privacy and profiteering, so the incident is true,” someone reportedly pointed out.

    Sources: Facebook/小S 徐熙娣/Weibo/Idlemovie

    Well, Dee Hsu has not commented about these previous incidents. While she has already denied the drug allegations made by Mickey Huang, it seems like her association with drugs will not be forgotten anytime soon.

    Video here:

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