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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    TVB Actress Tavia Yeung Clarifies Divorce Rumours About Husband Him Law


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    In October 2016, Hong Kong actress, Tavia Yeung (杨茜尧), got married to actor, Him Law (罗子溢). Having been together since 2011, the couple are now proud parents of a son and a daughter; the duo also often post photos and videos of their happy family.

    Yesterday (24th May 2023), Tavia’s sudden post on Instagram sparked a lot of controversies among netizens. The usually good-tempered actress expressed her anger in the post, which made netizens think it might be related to her partner.

    Source: Instagram/@tavia_yeung

    The post shows a picture of the enraged emoji, indicating that the actress was really angry about something. With the caption, “When you feel furious and disappointed, what can you do?!?” and the hashtags #overandoveragain #liarliarpantsonfire #ifidontsayanythingdoesntmeanidontknow #dontaskiwontansweryou, netizens became really curious on what made Tavia so angry.

    There were a lot of speculations made regarding the post. Some suspected it had something to do with her spouse, and a few even went as far to think that a divorce might be underway. Whereas, others suggested ways for Tavia to calm down.

    • “Is Him sleeping on the sofa?”
    • “Don’t be angry, it harms your body. Harming your own body because of him is not worth it 🥺”
    • “If there’s one time (of unfaithfulness), there would be hundred more, why would you want to keep a dishonest guy? Just divorce him.”
    • “You can listen to some music, what’s important is that you relax yourself. Sending you hugs.”
    • “Deep breaths, then think about how to love yourself more, that’s way better!”
    Source: Instagram/@tavia_yeung

    In respond to the alarming post, Tavia later spoke up and clarified that it has nothing to do with her spouse. The actress told HK01, “It’s because of the disappointment in a friend, that’s why I wanted to express myself (through the post).” When told that netizens thought the reason was because of the husband cheating, the only thing she said was, “As if!”

    The spouse, Him Law, was also asked about this. “My wife had a friend that made her really disappointed, so she wanted to express herself.” He then added that he will coax and talked to his wife at home after he is done with work.

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