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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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    (Video) Malaysian Singer Adira Exposes Pervert Over “Sex Scandal” Invitation


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    Sexual harassment is no joke, whether it’s online or in real life. Thankfully, many now have the courage to expose these creepy perverts on social media to warn others about their behaviour. Singer Baby Shima has previously exposed multiple men after receiving lewd messages from them.

    Singer Adira also decided to take matters into her own hands by sharing a very offensive DM she received on TikTok from an unknown user. Here’s what she has to say:

    Over the weekend, Adira posted a video on her TikTok channel to expose a user after receiving an inappropriate invitation from them. The singer shared a screenshot of the message she received that reads, “Dira, if you’re looking for a [sex] scandal, call me at 014*******. Don’t be mad.” The Sabah-born artist clarified that she usually ignores negative messages but thought that the lewd DM went too far and decided to put her foot down.

    “You have a lot of guts, I’ll tell you that. I can laugh and joke around but this is too much. If I wanted to have a scandal with anyone, I would’ve done it ages ago. You don’t even have to invite me,” she said in her video. The 31-year-old then added that one should not joke when it comes to sending someone sexual messages such as the one she received.

    “The reason I’m posting this video is so that no other crazy men will ever dare to do something like this again. We have laws in Malaysia and you should show some respect!” she stated firmly. The vocalist ended her post with a warning saying that she will not hesitate to file a police report if anyone sent her another inappropriate DM on social media.

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    As seen in the screenshots above, fans applauded Adira, real name Siti Adira Suhaimi, for calling the perverted user out for his sexual advances. After a quick check, we can confirm that the user who sent the message to the “Milik Kita” songstress has since gone private.

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