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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    12 Boba Tea Joints In The Klang Valley That’ll Promise You A Ball!


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    Boba tea, or bubble tea, is more than simply a beverage to the Boba Generation and other boba enthusiasts – it has a distinct cultural identity that was created specifically for the aesthetically-driven era of Instagram. In the beginning, only tapioca pearls were used in boba drinks. Now, consumers have a hard time choosing from among the many interesting toppings and creative recipes available to them at every corner.


    And from being plopped into milk teas and juices, bobas are now included in ice cream, ice shavings and many other types of dessert. Boba’s delicious evolution appears to be never-ending!

    Whether you’re a die-hard boba fan, or you simply crave it every now and then, we’ve got a list of boba spots in the Klang Valley you simply have to visit. These venues will not only satisfy your cravings, but also blow you away with their amazing creations!

    Cha Wan Jia 

    Why go for basic black boba when you can have multi-coloured ones? At Cha Wan Jia, you can try pretty, multi-coloroud rainbow pearls to elevate your boba experience. They have other types of pearls including mango, sakura, dragon fruit, and more. You can always find something intriguing to try thanks to the broad variety of distinctive things! Choose your favourite boba pearls and savour the beverage in the adorable cup that features a heart-shaped lid. Definitely made for Instagram!

    LiHo Tea

    LiHO Tea is ardent about its bubble tea brand, because it’s committed to providing everyone with access to a cup of high-quality tea at all times and locations. The Singapore Fruit Tea, one of LiHO TEA’s hallmark beverages, transforms into something amazing if you get it along with Cookie Machi milk tea, Brown Sugar Pearl Avocado, and Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Coffee. For a healthier option of oat milk and oolong tea with additional Golden Pearl, you must add Golden Oolong Oat Latte. Brown Sugar Lover, which has every well-known and necessary component of bubble tea, is a good place for new LiHO Tea drinkers to start.

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    KOI Thé 

    KOI Thé, or more generally known as KOI, is a favourite among boba lovers, despite having been on the boba tea scene for longer than most of its competitors. The drinks menu goes beyond bubble tea and is famous for its golden pearls. You may even choose the amount of sugar you want in your drinks. Experience the heartwarming service they guarantee by treating customers like family as you indulge in their handmade artisan tea. Some of their classics include the Golden Bubble Milk Tea, Taro Q Milk Tea, Oolong Milk Tea, Caramel Milk Tea, and Hazelnut Milk Tea.

    Gong Cha

    Gong Cha’s sophisticated tea brews and top-notch ingredients have helped it grow in popularity. Because it represents the Tribute Tea, Gong Cha defines the act of serving tea to the ancient Chinese Emperor. The creamy and cheesy flavour of their boba drinks is what draws customers in and keeps them coming back for more. Their Milk Tea with Pearl is a must-try. Try their QQ Passion Fruit Green Tea for something unique. It has a tangy fruit flavour and is made with a blend of tapioca pearls, jelly, and pure passion fruit essence.


    I’Milky takes pleasure in providing beverages made entirely from natural, healthy, raw resources. Here’s the proof: the store uses only cane sugar and not fructose, fresh farm milk and not creamer, and fresh fruit, pure honey, and premium tea leaves in all their drinks. So pick I’Milky to enjoy boba without worry!

    Xing Fu Tang

    A well-known business from Taiwan, Xing Fu Tang takes pleasure in its stir-fried pearls with brown sugar specialty. After opening its first store at SS15 bubble tea street, it expanded throughout Malaysia. Its famous Brown Sugar Boba Milk is a must-try. Besides the classic, it offers other amazing drinks such as Strawberry Boba Milk, Matcha Boba Milk, Mango Smoothies and Rabbit Panna Cotta, Dalgona Coffee with Brown Sugar Boba and more.

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    A homegrown tea brand that has swiftly expanded across Malaysia, Chatto offers a wide choice of artisanal teas. To ensure that the flavour of its beverages is always good, it chooses the finest tea from the finest tea leaves. Also, there are no additional sweeteners in the tea to ensure that customers enjoy its drinks in a healthier manner.

    Tiger Sugar

    Tiger Sugar is a much-loved boba chain and a must-try boba shop. Its beverages are distinctive in that brown sugar is drizzled on the walls of cups, which resemble tiger stripes. Tiger Drink is the brand’s iconic drink – and is definitely a must-try.


    Quench your thirst and boba craving with Cojiitii’s chocolate drinks and bubble teas. In contrast to other boba shops, Cojiitii stands out for their selection of drinks. They sell jelly pearls and golden pearls in addition to other fruit-based drinks, cheese teas, fresh juices, and more. They are well recognized for their chocolate and pearl cocktails. To experience the bliss of bubble tea, try their Dark Chocolate with Pearl and Golden Pearl Milk Tea. Choose their Fresh Lemon Cheese with Honey for something refreshing and new.

    Moge Tee

    Moge Tee features a variety of interesting and distinctive drinks, including bubble – but their boba souffle is a must-try! It’s available in a variety of flavours, like strawberry, mango, and more. The fruit teas, milk teas, filthy milk teas, and cheese teas are all worth ordering as an extra. At Moge Tee, be sure to get your boba cravings satisfied to the max! 

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    At last, something for the lactose-intolerant peeps out there! Soylab sells soy milk with tapioca pearls dusted with brown sugar. Offering a variety of non-GMO soy desserts, they also provide the traditional tau fu fah, soy shaved ice, soy soft serve, soyffle pancakes, and more – and you can top them up with your favourite boba. For those who cannot have dairy, Soylab is unquestionably dessert nirvana!

    Secret Recipe


    You could count this as a bonus. Although Secret Recipe is mostly known for their assorted and premium cakes, they do have a series of boba beverages! The boba series includes the classic boba milk tea, boba caramel milk tea, boba brown sugar milk tea, boba mint chocoalate, boba salted caramel chocolate, boba strawberry white chocolate, boba signature fruit tea and boba midnight blue. Definitely a lot going on there!

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