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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Enjoy These Special Treats For This Hari Raya Season At Starbucks


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    It’s not Raya season without Raya cookies! Find the perfect Raya cookies with a hint of familiarity and tradition topped with a sprinkle of personalized festivity at Starbucks this Raya season.

    In light of this festive season, Starbucks is featuring its exclusive and specially-curated Starbucks Hari Raya Cookies set along with a couple of special treats. Check them out here:

    Starbucks Hari Raya Cookies Set

    Price: RM55 per box / RM98 for 2 boxes when paying with Starbucks Card or Mobile App

    Each set/box includes the 3 delicious Raya cookies flavours and 5 pieces of exclusive Starbucks Hari Raya money packets.

    • Kurma Cookies – Round, bite-sized cookies with bits of dates and oats. Combining the sweet flavours of  dates with a touch of the chewiness and nutty flavour from oats, Starbucks is delivering you caramel sweetness with every bite of their kurma cookies.

    • Brownie Brittle – Bits of chocolate chips can be tasted with every taste of Starbucks’ Brownie Brittle Cookies. Each cookie is made with love and rich dark chocolate, this is for sure a must-try for chocolate lovers. Nothing can ever go wrong with chocolate!

    • Gula Melaka Biscotti – If you’re looking for a slight twist to your traditional Malay ingredients, then you need to try Starbucks’ Gula Melaka Biscotti. With each bite, flavours of coconut and palm sugar along with chopped almonds will fill your mouth. Be prepared to transported back to your childhood moments with this familiar taste.

    Hari Raya 2023 Starbucks Card

    As per every festival in Malaysia, Starbucks will also be introducing the latest Hari Raya Starbucks card for 2023. Enjoy Hari Raya with every swipe of the card and earn duit raya in the form of rewards. And if you’re looking to gift your love ones something special, this could be the perfect gift! Just be sure to get them to register their new festive card on the Starbucks mobile app to enjoy a convenient way to pay, earn STARs and be entitled to redeem complimentary food, beverages and even merchandise! To activate, each card require a minimum amount of RM50.

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    Hari Raya Starbucks Cup

    When purchasing any handcrafted beverage, receive your drinks in Starbucks Malaysia’s specially curated Hari Raya Starbucks cup. Head on over to your nearest Starbucks and enhance your Instagram feed with this clean and sleek Starbucks cup.

    Offers and Promotions

    For the holy month of Ramadhan (23rd March-22nd April 2023), Starbucks Malaysia is offering:

    • Buy-one-free-one handcrafted beverage with any food purchase from 6pm to store closing hours
    • Any two Joybean potato chips at RM8
    • Enjoy selected food at RM3, with any Venti-sized handcrafted beverage purchase from 3-6am

    Last two offers and promotions are only available at Starbucks’ 24 hours stores.


    Not only did Starbucks release Raya special treats this month, Starbucks have also recently released their seasonal handcrafted summer beverages. You can now quench your thirst the luxurious way with Starbucks!

    Starbucks Okayama Peach Apple Starbucks M:LK Cream Oolong

    With the colon in ‘M:LK’ signifying an innovative alternative to dairy, this summer beverage features a blend of aromatic Oolong tea and fruity apple sauce. Later topped with a pillowy layer of plant-based cream topping made from oat milk and rice whipped cream, this iced handcrafted drink serves as the best tea for a hot summer day.

    Price: From RM19.10

    Starbucks Okayama Peach Apple Cold Brew

    Lemonade paired with peach apple sauce infused with slow-stepped cold brew, each sip will be a pleasant taste of sweet, sour and bitter. Available as an iced handcrafted beverage, treat yourself to an Okayama Peach Apple Cold Brew to make every day of the summer count.

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    Price: From RM19.10

    Starbucks Belgium Chocolate Coffee/Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage

    Featuring a blend of rich chocolate sauce and coffee, this summer treat serves as the perfect drink for those looking for a mix of sweet and bitter. Mixed and topped with Belgium chocolate shavings and chocolate whipped cream, experience extreme chocolatey goodness with every sip! The beverage is available as hot, iced or blended handcrafted.

    Price: From RM20.15

    Starbucks Belgium Chocolate Nitro Cold Brew

    This cold brew beverage combines sweetened smooth coffee and creamy chocolate cream which makes it an ideal summer drink. The drink is completed with Belgium chocolate shavings dusted on top. Get this iced handcrafted drink now at a Starbucks Nitro store.

    Price: From RM20.15

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