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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    (Video) Influencer Couple From Dubai Rates McDonald’s Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng 11/10


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    We’ve always been curious to know what tourists think about the food in Malaysia when they visit. One of the highly recommended dishes is, of course, our famous nasi lemak and we’ve had some foreigners share their thoughts on the popular dish.

    This time, another foreign couple decided to try our McDonald’s nasi lemak along with some of the other popular dishes on the menu. Here’s what they thought of them:

    Emiratis content creators Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed recently posted a video on their Instagram to share their review of our version of McDonald’s. The married couple can be seen ordering the Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng meal, the beef and chicken foldovers, Bubur Ayam, drinks, and ice cream. It was not, however, specified which outlet they dined in.

    The influencers then sat down to try the Nasi Lemak meal first. To her satisfaction, the wife gave an 11 out of 10 ratings. “That’s a solid fried chicken. Nice and crispy, juicy on the inside. You cannot complain,” the Dubai man said. The duo then proceeded to try both the chicken and beef foldovers, and rated it “8 to 9” out of 10 because of how delicious the sauces tasted.

    The United Arabic Emirates (UAE) public figures described Malaysia’s Bubur Ayam as the perfect dish to have during Ramadan. “This is perfect for Suhoor and when you break your fast. It’s got soup and a lot of flavour,” they said. They also reassured their international followers that everything they ate in Malaysia is halal certified. The entrepreneurs ended their dinner with the Ramadan special Lychee drink and ice cream. It was a 10/10 ratings.

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    Many of Khalid and Salama’s followers, including Malaysians enjoyed their review video. It has since accumulated nearly 900k views. Some international fans commented that they are now tempted to visit Malaysia just for the McDonald’s after seeing the couple raving about their meal. Local fans thanked the couple for the review and recommended other Malaysian restaurants and dishes for them to try.

    Do you agree with Khalid and Salama’s review?

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