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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    (Photos) Shopping Malls In Klang Valley With The Most Stunning Hari Raya Decorations


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    Who isn’t excited for Hari Raya? From attending wonderful feasts to meet friends and family, there’s plenty to enjoy during this celebration! However, even we can get tired of staying at home and eating all day.

    Well, why not take a stroll in our local malls? It will be an opportunity to stretch your legs, enjoy some aircon, and gives you the chance to check out their decorations! In addition to doing more Raya shopping, there’ll also be plenty of Instagrammable places. So, put on your Raya best and get going!

    1. Suria KLCC


    Starting our list is Suria KLCC as it’s all about nostalgia. Don’t you miss seeing the environment of your kampung (hometown)? The sight of your grandparents’ orchard? The fresh fruits you can pick and eat straight away from that orchard? Suria KLCC has done a great job bringing back those fond memories as you walk through the exhibition.

    Your parents will also reminisce their childhood of running around outside the house or going into town to buy fruits like durian. The old Proton Saga car model as part of the decoration was a nice touch that will make you remember looking out the window with excitement as you and your relatives arrive at your kampung.

    While they’ve quite outdone themselves with the exhibit inside, they have not skimped on the outside. This year, Suria KLCC has created Malaysia’s Biggest Lampu Pelita Replica at the Esplanade KLCC. The lamp shines as a beacon, invoking the spirit and joy of Ramadhan and Syawal.

    Fun fact: Malaysia’s Biggest Lampu Pelita Replica has been recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records 2022.

    2. Pavilion Bukit Jalil


    Speaking of kampungs…. we know your hometown is great and all but your kids would surely love to pay a visit to this particular ‘kampung’ in Pavilion Bukit Jalil. After all, it’ll be a chance for them to drop by and say hi to their TV friends, Upin and Ipin! Of course, they won’t be the only stars there.

    Local celebs like batik designer Rasta Rashid, singer-actress Atilia Haron and celebrity couple Dato’ Fazley Yaakob and Datin Azrene, among others, have also set up booths in the central area with curated booths. So, be sure to stop by and check out their offerings! Who knows, you might just find the perfect Raya gift for gatherings.

    3. Fahrenheit88


    Ever wanted to travel back in to time to the golden era of the 60s? This Hari Raya, Fahrenheit88 presents ‘Raya Melodies’, featuring the past in an exquisite showcase of legacy and tradition, inspired by the life and work of Malaysian performing icons, Tan Sri P. Ramlee and Puan Sri Saloma.

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    Bring your parents and grandparents along to relive nostalgic memories of yesteryears against a backdrop of traditional kampung huts infused with contemporary designs.

    4. Avenue K


    If you want to celebrate Raya majestically, there is no better place than Avenue K! You can enjoy the recreated Taj Mahal and wander the mini palace to marvel at its Islamic-influenced architecture and design. This is of course, the perfect platform to snap a few OOTDs and family photos. Do make sure your outfits are befitting royalty, of course! And don’t forget to check out their bazaar as well for fashion pieces and delicious treats.

    5. LaLaport BBCC


    One thing that we love about Hari Raya is the vibrant colours of everyone’s new (and possibly expensive) ‘baju raya’! But if you’re still looking for your ‘baju raya’ then how about heading over to LaLaport BBCC? The shopping mall is going all out with the vibrant colours this year!

    LaLaport BBCC is inviting you to experience a Vivid Eid together. Come take in the sights of their colourful lights and gorgeous decor. Not only another place for you to look pretty at and pose in your new ‘baju raya’ but there’s tons of activities and special performances all through Ramadan to get you ready for Raya.

    6. Mid Valley MegaMall


    Mid Valley Mega Mall is doing something slightly different than your usual colourful Raya celebration. Going out with all an white decoration with perfect symmetry and intricate patterns. Let this contemporary Islamic design put you in the mood for Raya!

    Cherish family bonds with fun activities like personalised greeting cards, ketupat weaving, or try out a tasty new recipe at home! Then, rekindle love and hope this season as you witness harmonious musical performances all through the season.

    7. The Gardens Mall


    Is this a mall or a tropical resort? The Gardens Mall is really living up to their name with their Raya decorations this year!  Lounge on distressed jute and bamboo furniture surrounded by lush greenery accented with delicate glass fixtures and accessories.

    The Gardens Mall’s Hari Raya décor features a modern yet rustic aesthetic that brings to mind scenes of an escape to a luxury forest retreat. Beneath the shade of palm leaves, don’t forget to snap family photos with your ‘baju Raya’ at various photo spots along the Ground Floor!

    8. EkoCheras Mall


    EkoCheras Mall is really taking the opportunity to make sure your social media is filled with fun and colourful photos. Have your kids or younger relatives pose with the adorable cutouts at the house and who knows, you can even turn that into a greeting card for your friends and family.

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    Other than the fun colours and cutouts, EkoCheras Mall’s stalls set-up look like swings that will make you remember the happy days of your childhood when you play with your cousins during Raya.

    9. Melawati Mall


    Come and visit Melawati Mall today and experience their ‘Gaya Raya’ vibes with a stylish Kampung House. The neon lights are a great touch and gives off that vintage vibes that will make your photos perfect for your social media.

    Melawati mall is living up to its theme this year and you can ‘Gaya up’ your Raya preparations by exploring stylish clothes, perfumes, beauty products, and delicious snacks at the Raya Bergaya Booth.

    10. Intermark Mall


    Enjoy a cultural feast this Hari Raya at Intermark Mall with ‘Meriah Raya’, inspired by favourite traditional Malaysian art and games including Wayang Kulit, Batu Seremban, Congkak, and more.

    Be sure to get that Instagram-worthy Raya shot at the mall’s traditional Malay décor display, adorned with colourful batik and flowers. You can also experience shadow puppetry first-hand by directing your own Wayang Kulit performance at the screen in the Ground Atrium.

    11. Sunway Pyramid


    Can you believe it’s actually been over 2 years since our last real Raya? Sunway Malls everywhere are making sure that the return of the Raya celebration this year is a special one. They recently launched their unifying theme of ‘Riuh Ria Raya’. The theme will surely get you in the mood for a joyous celebration when you ‘balik kampung’ to your hometown.

    The decorations at all Sunway Malls combine both traditional and contemporary elements that bring a colourful and vibrant celebration to life. Along with traditional kampung houses with modern twists, Sunway Malls have also chosen to showcase the skills of Malaysia’s many talented local artists, designers and entrepreneurs throughout its radiant space.

    12. Sunway Putra Mall


    In conjunction with Sunway Malls’ unifying theme of ‘Riuh Ria Raya’, Sunway Putra Mall has launched their celebration of this year’s theme in recent weeks. Come and visit their beautiful decorations and take some photos from inside the house which is surprisingly more spacious than it looks.

    While you’re checking out the house and taking photos for your social media, don’t forget to engage in the digital art face painting and an Augmented Reality (AR) experience. If you notice a very colourful car with unique designs somewhere in the exhibition, try scanning the unique QR code and point your phone camera onto the car and watch the Raya artwork come to life! 

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    13. Da Men USJ


    Da Men USJ will transport shoppers to the urban ‘90s . You might recognise some iconic furnishings, modern batik fashion, and signature Raya delicacies. With plenty of unique festive décor, the mall is the ideal destination for photos to celebrate the season. Bamboo lights and signature wooden furniture are surrounded with traditional bamboo pelita, festive Hari Raya ketupat, and a host of `90s era accessories and electronics! 

    14. 1 Utama


    Now this is something for the people of Negeri Sembilan and West Sumatra. Taking inspiration from ethnic Minangkabau tribes, 1 Utama has set up a 41-feet-high ‘Rumah Gadang with its prominent signature upswept curved roof reminiscent of buffalo horns, intricate floral carvings and vibrant painted designs.

    Swaying palm trees are placed around the ‘Rumah Gadang’ to give you that nostalgic kampung-like setting. The Minangkabau-themed kampung decoration will definitely enliven the festive mood and lend a true-to-life traditional Raya ambience.

    15. Setia City Mall


    If you want to feel like royalty, then perhaps try stopping by Setia City Mall. Embrace a dazzling Raya and explore their glowing display at Lower Ground Level (Centre Court). Inspired by colourful & illuminating lights of the festive season, the decor was built to embrace the bright Raya vibes.

    16. Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang


    If you think staying in KL means you’ll be missing the kampung atmosphere, think again. Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang (MOP KLIA) has chosen to do a rustic but well-loved theme this year. Adorned with motives of the Songket, featuring little touches of a kampung while surrounded with lush greenery, MOP KLIA has certainly captured the serene peace Raya can bring when you reunite with your loved ones in your hometown.

    [Notes: Themed ‘Colours of Eid’, Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang (MOP KLIA) is adorned with motives of Songket and its vibrant colours depicting the Raya celebratory mood as it welcomes shoppers to shop for their Raya celebration.]


    1. Aman Central 


    This mall is nowhere near the Klang Valley, but the decorations are so beautiful that we have to include it as a bonus for this list. This Raya, Aman Central invites you back and to enjoy an enchanting garden experience set amidst the atmospheric of Tropical Paradise.

    With the colorful semi-transparent umbrellas along the walkway covered towards the mall’s Central Atrium, this season trail creates a treasure-filled space for families and friends to discover a world in paradise where every turn you’ll find an “Instagrammable” decorated tropical paradise.

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