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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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    Unlocking Prosperity, Achievement, and Happiness for Your State


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    Unlocking Prosperity, Achievement, and Happiness for Your State

    Interview with TYT Tun Ahmad Fuzi Abdul Razak, Yang di-Pertua Negri Pulau Pinang, by The Star.

    Q1. As the TYT of Penang, what are your hopes for the state on your official birthday?
    As a fellow Penangite, I have great aspirations for our state. I hope to see Penang continue to experience steady economic growth under a stable government. This includes creating new jobs, expanding existing industries, and developing new sectors. Quality education is also essential, and I would like to see better access to education in Penang, especially in high-demand job skills. Our youth’s mental aptitude will be crucial in driving our state forward. Furthermore, as Penang becomes more modern, we deserve improved infrastructure facilities to enhance the quality of life for our people, including a modern public transport system, water and sewage systems, and other public amenities. Finally, my greatest hope is for Penang to become a truly happy state where everyone can live in peace, harmony, and without discrimination or prejudice. Inter-racial harmony and stability are crucial for building a strong and united community that can overcome future challenges.

    Q2. The lack of proper and effective public transport and traffic management has long been a problem in Penang. Do you support the expedited completion of the proposed LRT project?
    Penang Island is a historically unique city, but traffic congestion has become a significant issue due to urban progression. Fortunately, the state government is committed to addressing this problem and ensuring the early completion of infrastructure projects, including the LRT on the island. I fully support these efforts as they will significantly reduce traffic congestion. Personally, I look forward to taking a ride on the LRT one day.

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    Q3. Would it be better for the LRT project to be fast-tracked as a federal project using the federal budget?
    Indeed, it would be better for the LRT project to be fast-tracked as a federal project using the federal budget. Thankfully, the Federal Government has already taken this step, as announced by the Prime Minister during the Hari Raya gathering. I am pleased to see the strengthening federal-state relations and cooperation, which will facilitate the early implementation of socio-economic projects in Penang for the benefit of the people.

    Q4. How much would having a Penangite as the Prime Minister help Penang?
    Having a Penangite as the Prime Minister is undoubtedly beneficial for the state. The current Prime Minister is familiar with the areas in Penang that require improvement, having been personally involved in the state’s development in various leadership capacities. He also recognizes Penang’s significant contribution to the country’s GDP. While he has the entire nation to consider, I believe directing more attention, priority, and budgetary allocation towards Penang’s deserving socio-economic projects would not be viewed as biased but as a necessary focus on a state with immense potential.

    Q5. Penang, being an industrial state, relies on sustainable water supply from Kedah and Perak. How can Penang convince these two states that the mainland’s growth will benefit them economically?
    Sustainable water supply is crucial for Penang’s daily needs, agricultural production, and industrial development. It is also a security issue for most countries. Considering the geographic factors, Penang relies on both Kedah and Perak for its long-term water supply. We have communicated our position to these states, emphasizing the potential for mutually beneficial economic growth by responsibly sharing raw water resources rather than allowing them to go to waste. With wisdom and positive intervention from the Federal Government, I am confident that a viable solution can be achieved in the near future, incorporating commercial incentives and sustainable technological measures.

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    Q6. The upcoming RM4bil Penang Technology Park in Bertam is significant for the state and the business community on the mainland. What can we expect from this technology park?
    The Penang Technology Park in Bertam holds immense importance for the state’s economy and its position as a leading hub for technology and innovation. The park will help balance development across Penang and reduce the daily influx of people to the island. It is an excellent opportunity for younger individuals inclined towards the Internet of Things (IOT) to drive business and innovation, lifting the state’s income bracket. The project will create job opportunities, attract foreign and domestic investments, and offer a conducive environment for businesses to thrive. Additionally, the park will contribute to Malaysia’s efforts to develop the northern region. Despite facing competition from similar parks in other states, I am confident in the success of this park in attracting high-quality investments for the benefit of Penang.

    Q7. Penang’s heritage houses and buildings are significant, reflecting its rich history and foreign influences as a port city. How can the state balance physical development while preserving its uniqueness?
    Penang’s heritage houses and buildings are major attractions for visitors, representing the state’s cultural and historical legacy. Preserving them is vital and creates a unique sense of place that distinguishes Penang. The state government is committed to preserving the iconic past while appealing to the current generation. Striking a balance between preservation and physical development can be achieved through sustainable practices that consider Penang’s unique cultural and historical context. This includes preserving and restoring heritage buildings and incorporating them into new development projects, enhancing their popularity and sustainability. I am pleased to see the state government’s commitment to preserving the iconic past while creating new offerings that cater to the current generation, as demonstrated by the GWHI.

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    Q8. Penang holds the distinction of producing Malaysia’s first newspaper and the oldest surviving Chinese newspaper with a masthead written by Sun Yat Sen. It also has a thriving NGO culture. How does the state manage the tension between preserving its unique heritage and encouraging physical development?
    Penang’s distinction in producing historical newspapers and its vibrant NGO culture adds to the state’s uniqueness. Managing the tension between preserving heritage and encouraging physical development requires a delicate balance. The state government recognizes the importance of preserving these legacies while creating opportunities that cater to the changing needs of the current generation. By adopting sustainable development practices, Penang can preserve and restore heritage buildings and incorporate them into new development projects. This approach will enhance their popularity and sustainability, ensuring that Penang’s cultural and historical heritage continues to thrive while facilitating progress and growth.

    (Note: This interview has been edited and structured for better SEO content and article length. The original interview source was kept intact.)

    Credit: The Star : News Feed

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