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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Join Engaging Forums for Inter-Faith Harmony and Unity Promotion


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    Join Engaging Forums for Inter-Faith Harmony and Unity Promotion

    Penang is poised to lead the way in promoting unity and understanding among its diverse population through interfaith dialogues, according to Tun Ahmad Fuzi Abdul Razak. The Yang di-Pertua Negri highlighted that Penang, along with Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, stands out as a developed and progressive state characterized by its multicultural and multireligious nature.

    Ahmad Fuzi emphasized the need to unite the people of Penang towards a common goal, considering the state’s pluralistic character. He believes that Penang has the potential to serve as a model for other states in fostering inclusiveness and unity through interfaith dialogues.

    Diversity is seen as an asset in Penang, attracting quality investors who appreciate the state’s multicultural environment. Ahmad Fuzi expressed pride in this unique selling point and stressed the importance of highlighting common values in the midst of differences among races.

    Ahmad Fuzi urged the Penang Institute and other relevant agencies, including the Institute Kajian Islam Malaysia (IKIM), to spearhead this initiative. He called for collaboration from the private sector as partners and sponsors, making Penang the first state to embark on such an endeavor.

    The proposed interfaith dialogues could take the form of a series of forums, engaging experts and the public alike. Ahmad Fuzi, who has been leading Penang for three years, shares his commitment to attending cultural and religious events in the state when invited.

    He expressed pride in Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, known as the “Street of Harmony,” where a mosque, church, and Chinese and Indian temples coexist. In addition to interfaith dialogues, Ahmad Fuzi proposed staging performances representing the various cultures to unite people and appreciate the beauty of music and arts.

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    According to Ahmad Fuzi, by providing a platform for dialogues and forums that promote inclusiveness and diversity, Penang can pave the way for other states. He envisions this effort becoming a useful model in the long run.

    Credit: The Star : News Feed

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