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Monday, June 17, 2024
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    Controversy: Is AI in Higher Education a Cheat or Innovation?


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    Concerns are rising within the academic world as ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools gain popularity. Many American and Australian institutions have already taken the step to ban their use due to association with cheating. However, their British counterparts have opted for a more nuanced approach.

    On July 4, the 24 higher education institutions in the Russell Group, including prestigious institutions like the London School of Economics, Imperial College London, and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, released their principles on the use of generative AI tools in education. These institutions advocate for an “ethical and responsible” use of these new technologies to fully integrate them as teaching tools.

    Members of the Russell Group expressed their commitment to familiarize students and staff with generative artificial intelligence tools, aiming to make them leaders in an increasingly AI-enabled world. They are determined to adapt their teaching and assessment techniques to leverage the possibilities offered by this software, ensuring a comprehensive academic experience. Additionally, they are dedicated to creating an environment where students can openly discuss and question the challenges associated with the use of these tools without fear of stigmatization or penalty.

    Developed in collaboration with education and artificial intelligence experts in the UK, the document emphasizes the importance of monitoring the effectiveness, fairness, and ethical implications of integrating generative AI tools into academic life.

    Tim Bradshaw, the chief executive of the Russell Group, shares the view expressed in the document. He stated, “The transformative opportunity provided by AI is huge, and our universities are determined to grasp it. This statement of principles underlines our commitment to doing so in a way that benefits students and staff and protects the integrity of the high-quality education Russell Group universities provide.”

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    Is using ChatGPT considered cheating?

    This document reflects a change in the perspective of major British universities towards AI. In March, several institutions, including some Russell Group members, prohibited the use of AI technology within their campuses. Students who incorporated it into their studies at the time were subject to sanctions, which could even include expulsion.

    In the UK, the use of artificial intelligence tools has caused divided opinions within the teaching communities. Some are concerned that AI could be extensively utilized for cheating purposes, while others question its real impact on the academic realm. Regardless, the debate surrounding AI’s role in education is likely to persist. – AFP Relaxnews

    Credit: The Star : Tech Feed

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